A Campaign is a specific collection of Tweet sections which will get randomized (Tweetomized) once every 24 hours and posted to Twitter on your behalf.

To make sure that there is consistency to your Tweets from each Campaign, keep your Campaigns specialized. For example a Campaign advertising a specific book might have the following:

Main texts:
“My book, ‘The Birdwatcher’ is out now. It’s available at all major retailers”.
“‘He grazed the falcon’s wing and was instantly reminded of his childhood years living in an aviary.'”
“‘The Birdwatcher’ is getting rave reviews. Have you read it yet?”
“My third book, ‘The Birdwatcher’, has been made into a movie. Read it today!”


#birdwatcher #amwriting #newbook
#readers #newbook #bestseller #buymybook

(Upload as many graphics as you want)

Each time this Campaign gets Tweetomized, it randomly chooses one Main Text, one link, one line of hashtags and one graphic, creating a unique Tweet out of the content you created.