Tweetomizer takes various Tweet sections that you have created and randomly matches them up to create completely unique Tweets that it then posts on your behalf once every 24 hours.

A Tweet is comprised of four parts – a main text, a link, hashtags and a graphic or a video. It doesn’t have to include all of those components, but will at the very least contain some text, what we like to call ‘Main Text’.

When you set up a Campaign, you create various options for each section of your intended Tweet. The more varied options you include in each section, the more varied your daily Tweets from that Campaign will be. If, for example, you include 20 different Main Texts, 3 different links, 5 different sets of hashtags and 50 different graphics, you have given Tweetomizer a massive amount of options to create very unique Tweets for you. In fact, the above example should give you 15 000 unique Tweets, or in other words over 41 years of unique daily Tweets on the topic you chose for this particular Campaign.