Sign up for Tweetomizer?
Simply click through to our sign-up page and follow the simple instructions to sign up for a free trial. You will have to provide us with your name and a valid email address. If you want to upgrade to a paid Subscription Plan, you can do that through the My Subscription link once you have signed in to the system.

Connect my Twitter account to Tweetomizer?
When you sign in to Tweetomizer for the first time, the first thing you will see is a link to activate the Twitter Connector. Simply click on that link and follow the simple instructions.

Create a campaign?
New campaigns are created from the front page (the ‘Your Campaigns’ page) of the system.

  1. Click on Add New Campaign
  2. Type in the description for the Campaign that makes it easy for you to identify it in your list of Campaigns. No one but you will see this name.
  3. Select which time of day this Campaign should run. Every Campaign (if you have activated it) runs automatically once every 24 hours. Note that this time you choose is based on the timezone you have chosen from the ‘Your Campaigns’ page. You can also change the timezone by clicking on “My Preferences”.
  4. Click “Add New Campaign”
  5. Your Campaign has been added to the list. Now click on the Campaign name to start adding content to your Campaign.

Add content or curate my campaigns?
To add content to your Campaign, click its name on the front page (the ‘Your Campaigns’ page).

  1. Add a main text which will be the Main Content of your Tweet. You are welcome to use @ and # tags inside this text, just like you would do on Twitter. Don’t add a list of #, as you will do this lower on this same page.  After each Main Text, click “Add content to campaign”. Add some more Main Texts, to make sure your Campaign is diverse and won’t always post the exact same text on Twitter.
  2. Add as many links as you want for your Campaign. Many Campaigns will have only one link and for some Campaigns you won’t be interested in displaying any links at all. Whether you add none, one or ten different links is up to you. For each post to Twitter from this Campaign, Tweetomizer will always pick one at random.
  3. Add as many hashtag lines as you want. For example, if this Campaign is about posting photos of African wildlife, one line of hashtags might be #photography #Africa #wildlife and another one might be #animals #photos #photography #gamepark. It’s up to you whether you post none, one or even ten different hashtag lines. For each post to Twitter from this Campaign, Tweetomizer will always pick one at random.
  4. Add some graphics to your Campaign. You can use the listed Method 1 to upload graphics from either your computer or some online source (you can upload many graphics at the same time if you want) or use Method 2 to add animated gifs from Giphy.
  5. You are done for now – you can always come back later and add, change or delete parts of this Campaign. If you want this Campaign to run automatically every 24 hours, you can now activate it from the ‘Your Campaigns’ page.

Change my preferences?
Click on “My Preferences” on the ‘Your Campaigns’ page. This allows you to change various personal preferences for using Tweetomizer.