When will my Campaign post on Twitter?
If you have activated your Campaign from the front page, the Campaign will Tweetomize automatically at the time that you set it to when you created it. You can always update the chosen time at the top of your ‘Edit Campaign’ page (click on the campaign name from the ‘Your Campaigns’ page).

Please be patient – even if you asked for the Campaign to post every day at 10AM, it might actually post a few minutes past 10AM, as our server has a lot of Campaigns to post every hour.

You don’t have to wait – if you want your Campaign to Tweetomize now, you can simply click “Tweetomize now!” on the ‘Your Campaigns’ page.

I have many Twitter accounts, can I connect them all?
Due to how our system is designed, you can only connect one Twitter account to each Tweetomizer account. You are welcome to purchase a subscription for each Twitter account you would like to be able to Tweetomize.

My Campaign isn’t posting
If you just very recently created your Campaign, give it some time. If you created your Campaign just a few hours before wanting it to post automatically, it might only post tomorrow for the first time. If it still hasn’t posted for you, make sure it’s Activated on the ‘Your Campaigns’ page. If it still doesn’t post for you, run a “Tweetomize Now!” of that Campaign from the ‘Your Campaigns’ page. If that fails, please contact us so that we can assist you further.

Explain time-zones
Our beautiful planet is split up into different time-zones. When it’s 5PM in New York City, it’s 11PM in Johannesburg and 5AM in Hong Kong. You have the option of setting your preferred time-zone in Tweetomizer. Note that this does not necessarily have to be your own time-zone. Someone located in Hong Kong who wants to primarily market their products on the USA East Coast might want to set their time-zone as EST so that they can more easily see when the Campaigns will run in that particular area.

Why are not all my links getting shortened?
We only shorten links you enter which are longer than 30 characters. The reason for the 30 character limit is the length limit of the entire Tweet which the link will be part of.

What kind of videos can I post?
Due to how our system communicates with Twitter, we only allow movie files in the mov format. In addition, they have to be 5MB or less in size.

Why can’t I post very large graphics?
Like any other business, we have to balance our hosting costs against our customers’ needs and find a solution that works for most customers. As most Campaigns contain a large number of graphics and videos, we limit your uploads to 5MB files, whether it’s images or videos. Often you will find that you can pre-shrink your graphic in graphics software without affecting its quality much, keeping in mind that Twitter doesn’t display your images very large anyway.

My Campaigns look too similar from day to day
It is very likely that you did not give Tweetomizer enough options for each section of your Campaign. Add some more Main Texts and graphics to your Campaign.

My videos take very long to Tweetomize
Video files are, by design, much larger than image files. During each Tweetomize, it takes some time for our server to copy the chosen video over to Twitter’s servers. In addition, Twitter takes time to process the uploaded video before we can successfully post it on your behalf. Please be patient – in extreme cases a successful video upload to Twitter can take a few minutes.

My Campaign has automatically become inactive
As a Tweet, by design, has to include at least some Main Text, we automatically make your Campaign inactive if you have deleted all the Main Texts from it. Add at least one Main Text and re-activate the Campaign from the ‘Your Campaigns’ page.

None of my campaigns are posting anymore
It is possible that your Twitter Connector has failed, most likely due to you having revoked our app’s access on Twitter or you having made some other changes, such as updated your login information on Twitter. To rectify this, choose “Tweetomize Now!” for any Campaign from the ‘Your Campaigns’ page. When that fails, Tweetomizer automatically offers you to create a new Twitter connection. If that does not rectify the problem, please contact us and we will assist.

Do I have to add all my photos at once? Meaning, if I decided to only upload one graphic, can I not add more later?
You can add as many graphics as you want (no more than 20 at a time) and you can do it at any time. One time you can add just one and then later 15 at a time, etc.

Why is there no thumbnail visible for a particular graphic?
Something will have gone wrong when you uploaded the graphic. Please delete the graphic link from the system (click on “delete” under the non-existent thumbnail) and please re-upload that graphic.

When clicking on “Upload Graphic”, nothing happens
You may be using an incompatible browser. Some versions of Internet Explorer / Microsoft Edge are known to behave differently than other browsers, as are some older versions of other browsers. Update your browser, or if you are using Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge, please try using another browser.

When typing a colon, I got a strange pop-up
This will happen in only one text box in the entire system – the one where you enter Main Text for your Campaigns. To enter various emoticons, you can either click the smiley-face icon in the corner and select your emoticon from a list, or you can use short-hand typing such as :pizza then then click on the icon that comes up. If you just want to type a colon but don’t want to use an emoticon, you can simply skip choosing an icon.